Gold Village Siddinghausen presents itself ... ,

The village Siddinghausen in Almetal is a district the City of Büren, Westphalia in the district Paderborn. The picturesque town Siddinghausen with its baroque church from the 17th Century is on the upper reaches of the small river Alme located. His neat houses are part of a hillside. Siddinghausen is probably one of the oldest places in the country Büren. If you Siddinghausen as a location for your holiday accommodation to choose, you not only place themselves in the many recreational opportunities, but also the opportunity, at relatively short distances an interesting environment to explore. The foothills of the "forest Arnsberger" rise up close to the village. Reason enough for long, relaxing walks in the forest soothing tranquility and fresh, unspent air. And finally, if you visit the hospitable Siddinghausen, you will experience a very neat "village of gold". This means that the visually appealing city in nation-wide competition "Our village is beautiful" is already a gold medal and other awards at the federal level has received.

The postal code (PLZ) is D-33142 , Telephone area code + 49 (0) 2951 -- , Siddinghausen The village has a total area of 10.36 km2 and the city had 1000 residents at 31 December 2008. The Internet presence of Siddinghausen is online since 24 December 1996 on the WorldWideWeb.

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